Lorraine Pedersen, owner and founder of MINT BEAUTY, has been in the industry since 2005. She has been trained by LPG SA in Endermologie treatments and Endermolift treatments. She is also trained and qualified by CND Shellac SA in all CND treatments and products.

Her interest in opening her own salon came from having had LPG Endermologie treatments herself as well as CND Shellac manicures and pedicures and finding the results amazing! The opportunity arose to open her own beauty salon offering clients a unique experience in the beauty industry.

Mint Beauty was established in 2015 and is run and owned by Lorraine Pedersen. The owner strongly believes that for a happy and productive life, health comes first. Mint Beauty’s mission is to be a place that encourages and promotes healthy living and encourages everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin with the help of a little pampering with top international brands such as LPG, Anesi Beaute and CND Shellac. Mint beauty offers its clients a unique experience with its slimming machines, beauty products in facials, manicures and pedicures. Pop into MINT BEAUTY and experience a treatment like no other!

For more information on MINT BEAUTY please use the contact form and Lorraine will get back to you asap.

The MINT Beauty Team:

Lorraine Pedersen (Owner and Therapist)

Monica Swanepoel (Therapist)

Myrna Joubert (Therapist)

MINT Beauty Qualifications:

MD Marketing degree

LPG Certified Therapist

Nail Technician – Shellac Certified

Waxing – Depelive Certified

Anesi Facial Cosmeceutical Graded